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  • Altos Limpios

    Varietal: Blend Arbequina/Arauco.

    A sweet entrance is perceived, which becomes fluid in mouth, evenly impregnating it and letting an intense apple flavour to be discovered, turning then to almond and nuts when the oil rests on the palate. Strong bitterness and marked spicyness remains in mouth for a few seconds.

  • cruz de piedra organico

    Varietal: Blend Arauco/Arbequina/Frantoio.

    Fruited green olive aroma, with an intense apple and banana presence and sweet finish. In mouth, is a light oil, sweet with predominance of notes of green, recently cutted herbs, spicy and bitter with a strong presence, yet delicate to palate.

  • Gran Laur

    Varietal: 100% Arauco.

    It’s an extra virgin olive oil, produced from extremely unripe harvested olives with a 5% output, and a 0,1% acidity. It’s a selection of the region’s best olives combined in a unique oil. Each harvest for this oil is made manually and gently in order to prevent damage to the fruit.

  • Gran Mendoza

    Varietal: 100% Arauco.

    Only variety indigenous of Argentina, it is currently considered the malbec of the country’s produced oils. The fruits, large, egg-shaped, oblong and pointy. The Arauco varietal oils are characteristic in their strong bitterness and spicyness, very fruited with mineral and vegetal very intense aromas. This variety is often used in cuts with soft varieties. The Laur Gran Mendoza Olive Oil is 100% Arauco green, which makes it a very spicy and bitter oil with character, special for knowledgeable and demanding palates.

  • Varietal: Blend Arbequina.

    This special selection gives a intense green, fresh cutted herb hued, fruited aroma. Full bodied, with a soft bitterness and spicyness, sign of a higher percentage of antioxidants (polyphenols), characteristic of the olive in the stage of envero with a higher content of oleic acid. Olive oil to experiment with the usual dishes.

  • Medrano

    Varietal: Arauco in three different degree of ripeness.

    A balanced profile and complex oil, since it is completely made of Arauco variety, but picking the fruits in three different ripe stages (green, envero -when the fruit begins to change its color- and ripe) Green olive mid high fruited, noticeable in nose and mouth. A great diversity of secondary vegetal aromas, above all green apple, kiwi and banana peel, although hues from other ripe fruits such as strawberries appear. Standing out are its bitterness and spiciness with a final astringency, which does not interfere with its profile.